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KML Files Converter

This Online Converter was actually intended for creating Google Maps for your own website.

You can create your own map on, download a KML file which contains your map informations and put this map into yout website. More informations:

The problem is that this works only together with Google. Your map will not work until a Google robot has spidered your website. This may take a long time.

So I invented a way to convert all necessary informations from the KML file into a JavaScript file which works alone without Google (see an example).

The purpose of this converter was to create the necessary code for the JavaScript file and for the website which invokes the JavaScript File. Later, Google turned the downloadable KML file into a short KML file which only contains an address where the real KML file can be downloaded. So I enhanced my converter to change the short file (if locally available) or the URL for the short KML file, and it will show you the complete KML code.

Meanwhile, the output of the converter may also be a GPX code. Since a GPX file needs time stamps for each location, you can choose a start time and a speed, and my converter will calculate the time stamps.

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OSM Way Shifter

This is a tool for the OpenStreetMap Project.

The tool shifts a way by a choosen distance. The purpose is to save your time when you are creating a motorway. Just map one of both lanes and let my tool create the other one. The input and output format is OSM.

Open the OSM Way Shifter Page

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