Keyboard Layout And Font Modifier
Tastaturlayout- und Schriften-Anpasser

REXKEYS result

REXKEYS helps you to modify your REX6000. You can change the appearance of the characters, you can assign other characters to the three REX6000 keyboards, and you can change the appearance of the three Rex6000 keyboard graphics. REXKEYS hilft Ihnen, Ihren REX6000 anzupassen. Sie können das Aussehen der Zeichen verändern, Sie können den drei REX6000-Tastaturen andere Zeichen zuordnen, und Sie können das Aussehen der drei REX6000-Tastatur-Bilder verändern.
To use REXKEYS, you must have the firmware file REX.BIN which you can download here. You can also use the DockPatch version of REX.BIN. Um REXKEYS benutzen zu können, benötigen Sie die Firmware-Datei REX.BIN, die Sie hier herunterladen können. Sie können auch die DockPatch-Version von REX.BIN benutzen.

Download REXKEYS v. 2.01 (344.937 bytes)   Credits   FAQ (deutsch)

Prefabricated Templates - vorgefertigte Schablonen
Keyboard Layouts
original.rkc original.rkl original.gif by Zircom®

For all 6 keyboard layouts. Original character table with corrected height of special characters.

Originale Zeichentabelle mit Umlauten in korrigierter Höhe.
danish.rkl danish.gif Danish
deutsch.rkl deutsch.gif Deutsch
finn-swed.rkl finn-swed.gif Finnish/Swedish
french.rkl french.gif French
portu-bras.rkl portu-bras.gif Portuguese/Brazil
spanish.rkl spanish.gif Spanish
czech.rkc czech.rkl czech.gif Czech
greek-lat.rkc greek.rkl greek.gif Greek
greek-lat.rkl greek-lat.gif Greek + Latin
hebrew.rkc hebrew.rkl hebrew.gif Hebrew
hungary.rkc hungary.rkl hungary.gif Hungary
ltu-1257.rkc ltu-1257.rkl ltu-1257.gif Lithuanian
polish.rkc polish.rkl polish.gif Polish
russian.rkc russ-lat.rkl russ-lat.gif Russian + Latin
russian.rkl russian.gif Russian
slovenian.rkc slovenian.rkl slovenian.gif Slovenian

Can I create an Arabic / Hebrew / Thai keyboard?

You can create whatever you want, if you can follow these rules:

Credits: REXKEYS all over the world

Germany: Hat gut funktioniert, ist praktisch und kann nach meinem Eindruck ohne Probleme von jedem angewendet werden. Soweit ein großes Lob für das Programm! S.M.

Denmark: have used the Rexkeys program and made the rex with Danish keyboard. It works just fine so I am very pleased with it. I do not have a digital camera so i can not send a photo. Have my best regards and thanks again for the brilliant work. M.P.

France: Thanks to your fine work, I was able to make some sort of keyboard French (the "m" is still in an odd place, but that is not a big problem). The accented characters can now be used and that is the most valuable part. R.C.

Greece: I have finally made it to make the Greek fonts available for use to my REX 6000. I have been testing for a while and everything seems to be running smoothly. It is fully compatible with my OUTLOOK synchronization in both ENGLISH-GREEK fonts capital and small letters. Unfortunately NOT all of the fonts can be imported from the rex keyboard (I have selected only capital letters from both languages) but the important thing is that for the first time I can read and write Names-Notes everything to my language thanks to you!!! S.S.

Russia: I would like to express you HUGE gratitude for that that you have created this program. It has allowed though while and in the theory but to add support of Russian in Rex. M.U.

Czechia: Today I've done the czech localization for REX. It understands quite well czech letters and it has czech keyboard. Just one great thanks for your work. F.D.

Brazil: Thanks to your REXKEYS. I managed to have a portuguese keyboard (at least the accented keys) on my REX 6000, love it! O.G.

Israel:I thank you so much for your great software! (rexkeys) I have attached hebrew keyboard settings I did with rexkeys. Of course as u have metioned hebrew is a problem because of the direction, I hope soon i can make an add-in to overcome some of the problems. S.S.

FAQ: Fragen zu REXKEYS
von Leuten, die lieber fragen anstatt erst mal das Manual zu lesen :-(

Da ich mich noch nicht so gut auskenne, hätte ich gerne von Ihnen eine kurze Info, was ich genau machen muß, um Rexkeys auf meinem Rex 6000 nutzen zu können. (M.W.)

Wie installiere ich denn das Ganze eigentlich? Läuft das irgendwie über die REX Tools? (I.H.)